So it's no secret I am a massive Aurora Rose Reynolds fan, if she writes it I will one click it. I just love everything about her writing style and her characters always hit the perfect spot.
So obviously when I picked up Until Harmony I knew I was in for a great day of reading, which is exactly what I got. I love the fact that from the first page I am so immersed in the story every single time. In fact if I had to nit pick the only real issue I have is that the stories kinda lead into each other and my goldfish brain can never remember enough details. But then all that really does is make me want to sit down and read them all from start to finish.
I can't even tell you how much I loved Harmony but of  course it was Harlan who stole the show. He was just so perfect. He was the ultimate growling, possessive alpha with the heart of gold and I loved him from the start.
Naturally there was no real relationship drama and a small amount of outside drama to keep the story interesting and every page kept me securely in my ARR bubble until the very end. And now we just need Aurora to write faster so we can get our next fix.



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