It's no secret I love Ilsa Madden-Mills. It's almost like her books are written just for me, they hit the perfect note every time. She just writes the best female characters and her guys are pretty freaking awesome too.

Ryker was almost pretty damn perfect, but of course it would be a pretty boring book if he was and lets be honest men aren't known for their logic and smart choices, otherwise what would we do with all our time, if not helping them stumble through life. But I really loved him from the start.

Penelope was brilliant. She was comfortable being exactly who she is and I seriously loved that she let her nerd flag fly. She also didn't care that Ryker was the golden boy, she held him accountable for his actions.

But what I really loved was there was no petty, stupid bullshit. It was just a great romance that I literally couldn't put down from the first page. Although I never expected anything less. There’s seriously no reason not to one click this right now, unless you want to read I Dare You first, which you don’t need to but I do recommend because it’s awesome and there is a slight character overlap you will enjoy more but this can be stand alone, you know if you really must.


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