Since the moment I picked up Until November I have been a little obsessed with Aurora Rose Reynolds and the amazing Mayson family. And with every new boom my obsession just gets stronger. They are instant one clicks.

Until Cobi has lived up to the perfection I always know I will get from this series. I am such a sucker for the insta love that comes with the Mayson family BOOM. And I love the fact that even though the story carries on from the previous book, I can pick it up months after I have put it down and not need to worry about what I have forgotten (everything).

Naturally Cobi was the typical possessive, protective, growly alpha. And of course I loved everything about him. Hadley was sweet and I was just as big a fan of hers as I was Cobi's.

Of course Aurora has given us a little peek into the next couple and now I guess I will just go back to stalking her while I wait for it's release.


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