I am finding it hard to put this review into words. See the problem is I started reading it when I was sick and I wasn't really feeling it. But luckily it was a 24 hour bug and I read the second half when I was feeling better and it worked for me.

When I heard this was BDSM I was nervous, I have gone off that genre and tbh I love these pucked books because they are fun and funny and I couldn't reconcile the two. But the BDSM was done as only Helena could and it wasn't really BDSM at all.

And I know that I know who Charlene and Darren are but it has been forever since I read the rest of the series and my goldfish brain only slightly remembered them. But luckily for me this book could be read as a standalone so I felt like I met some new characters with a heap of “oh yeah, that's right” as I went.

My initial feelings of them as a couple wasn't great but as I got to know them I realised how perfectly they fit. They had such similar broken pieces yet they were each dealing with their own issues in their own ways that to see them come together and fight for them was awesome.

And having all the couples we have met throughout the series be involved in making this couple work just added that extra dynamic to the whole story. Plus we got to see them all get a glorious future. 

Absolutely love this series and highly recommend it but if you' re just looking for a stand alone get one clicking !!!!!!!!


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