Well I am glad it's no secret that I am an idiot or I would have a really hard time explaining why I was so reluctant to start reading Fireworks. The thing I don't understand about my reluctance is that I know I love Sarina Bowen and I have loved all of the books in this series so you would think it's a no brainer to dive right in. But nope I opened it saw the chapter titles, went to GR and saw it was a second chance story. Tried to figure out who Benito was and failed. And just generally avoided reading it thinking I wasn't in the right mood for it.

Then I had a rare few quiet hours and figured I best pull up my big girl panties and read the book, then I literally couldn't put the damn thing down. And 5 minutes in I had a facepalm moment when I realised holy shit it's Benito, like Zara's brother Benito and I love him.

So yeah it's a second chance kind of story but it also isn't really. It was more a missed opportunity caused by shitty timing and teenage sensitivity. And the 12 years ago part of the book had me so infatuated with Benito that even when he kinda fucked up in the present I completely gave him the benefit of the doubt. Although thinking about it now I am a little mad at him and he probably owed a bit more grovel but he beat himself up enough I guess I can forgive him.

Skye was more than I expected. She didn't hold grudges or do anything to try make Benito pay for her hurt from 12 years ago she just still felt it and I loved that she saw it for what it was and got over it. She had so many reasons to act the victim but she was so determined not to need saving her strength was pretty admirable.

As a couple these two were awesome and I really enjoyed the drama created by the secondary characters that kept me so enthralled. And as always with this series I am dying to see who's next and see how that will play out and of course catch up with everyone I already know and love.


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