Wow! I really just dropped off the planet there didn't I? And honestly, I don't even have a good reason for it. Just the same old story as everyone else, A houseful of kids, a world full of Covid and a lack of motivation. Since then not a lot has changed really except I am suddenly a lot more interested in the emails I am getting from all the amazing promotion companies and today I HAD to check in and see where it was all at and I wanted to post something and here we are.

First I don't know if my motivation is going to stick but we can only hope because I really miss my book people. I'm sick of trying to talk about fictional characters and having people look at me like I'm on drugs. I have enjoyed reading whatever book I feel like reading whenever I get the urge to pick it up so there will probably be a lot less reviews going forward as I am really enjoying not having to think of different ways to say you have to read this book.

So hopefully my motivation sticks. 


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