The only bad thing about Aurora Rose Reynolds books is that she can't write them instantly. I feel like I spend so long waiting for her next book and then I blink and I've read it already and I'm right back to waiting again. The positive is that they are so worth the wait.


This being the second book in the series, I don't feel like I know my way around all the characters. But then we got new characters and a little more of the characters we met in the last book. And as I read it, the previous story came flooding back and I couldn't get through it fast enough to see how everything was going to happen.


Everly and Blake had so much chemistry from their first meeting. And after everything Blake had going on making him cranky, Everly was just the ray of sunshine he needed. Add in the completely adorable Sam and I could have read about them for days.


I loved everything about this book, and I am absolutely dying to get my hands on Mav's story because I felt teased by that from the middle of the book.


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