I can't even describe how quickly I've fallen under the spell of this author. I picked up one book on a recommendation and then ended up binging a few and adding more to my TBR. Then I had to wait for this one. I read the blurb and it kind of confused me. Then I had to wait for this to land on my kindle and I sort of forgot all about the ice gods and the premise of this book.


So when I started reading this I was expecting the situation the blurb describes, then as I started reading it all came flooding back. I remembered the weird tension between Beckett and Eve from the previous book. And then I was so invested in everything going on with these guys that I couldn't care if the blurb was a picture of a squirrel with an oversized scrotum.


Every time Beckett thought of himself as broken, I kept hearing pink sing “we're not broken just bent” and I don't think it ever fit a character more. My heart bled for Beckett and everything that he had lived through and the way it had been used against him. I can't even imagine how alone he must have felt. But Eve was the perfect fit for him.


Eve was one of those characters that I want to shake. She was so perfect and yet her insecurities made her feel so lacking. Thankfully Beckett was there to show her how perfect she was and spoil her like the princess she deserves.


This story had so much going on, with so many different people I was obsessed. I hated having to put it down to adult and I am absolutely dying to get the rest of the ice gods books. I cannot wait to get my grabby hands on Asher and Winter. But right now, I'm off to stalk the back catalogue and load up my kindle for the next time I can binge them.







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