I put down Dark Intentions and immediately needed to read Nikolai and Sophia’s story. And I don’t regret a thing. I normally avoid mafia stories, and anything labelled as dark is normally hit and miss because dark is such a broad brush. Yes, this had dark themes but I have no issue with blood and action, the things I can’t stand are degradation and using the label to just let the hero be an all-around piece of shit. The guys in this are the definition of anti-hero and they have their moments where they are maybe a toe over the line of treating their ladies poorly but the mitigating circumstances made me ok with it.


I am not able to review these books separately as I made the mistake of reading the blurb of both books because I knew I would have to read both, and I had to check the trigger warnings and such because I am a wuss. So, I went into the second book knowing that the cliffhanger from book one was going to be resolved. Also, from their cameo in Dark Intentions I knew they were living happily ever after so I was reasonably confident I could handle it.


Nikolai was a complete psycho, but he was so completely obsessed with Sophia and literally saw nothing but her. Their entire love story was dark and twisted and probably the least romantic story I have read but their connection was so intense and undeniable. I couldn’t get enough of them or their journey from first meeting to Nikolai burning down the whole world to make sure his sparrow was safe.


Everything about this book had me unable to breath anything but it from the second I read the first page. And now I am wanting to read the rest of the books around this couple because I am in love with them all and their dark world. Oh, and now I have a new author to stalk so YAY. 





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