I don't know why I always forget how completely these books run me through all the feels. Lex Martin has been a one click author for me since the first book of hers I picked up. And this series has just been beyond anything I could want. Not only is it college sports romance but throw in a newborn baby and I'm so happy.


I really can't explain how absolutely, completely perfect this book was. I read it in one sitting and carried it everywhere I had to go. I couldn't pull my eyes off the page. Everything about Billy and Roxy and their relationship was awesome. From the way their relationship started to how it progressed and even more so to the issues they faced.


I spent so much time crying because this book took me right back to being a 19 year old mum. It's weird how having a newborn baby can make you feel so alone and disconnected. And like Billy my husband is and was amazingly supportive and hands on but it's like this unexplainable fog where it's just poop, breast milk, puke and sleep deprivation. 


Luckily Billy was so all in and wasn't afraid to ask for help and take advice on how to get things back on track. I had so many times in this book where I was laughing or smiling or crying, because everything I was reading was just so realistic and relatable I felt like I was right there living it. 


The ending was beautiful, and the epilogue was even better. I'm praying that the next book is coming sooner than later and my guess on the main couple is right because I'm desperate to read it already.







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