This series is a perfect mix of sweet and hot as hell. I am a huge fan of the author, but I have some of her books that I like and some that have characters that live rent free in my head. And I think Legend is going to be one of the latter.


I enjoyed the first book in the series, and I remember all the Everlasting Ink guys and Em, but it's been a while since I read it. So, I started this book not remembering a thing until I was part way in and had no issues with this as a standalone. Until all the characters reminded me who they were.


Legend and Monroe started off super sweet and innocently and every time they talked about their marriage I smiled. Because each of them were so possessive and invested in the other it was easy to watch them slip into love. Especially since we could feel the sparks flying almost as often as Legend growled out “my wife.”


The progression of the relationship was beautiful and so believable. This is exactly how friends to lovers should be written. And of course, all the guys were their awesome selves. I can't wait to see them all fall and hopefully see who won the baby bet. I love getting the progression of Roman and Em and beautiful Lilly and seeing the family grow is something I'm looking forward to.




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