Release Date: May 30

Jessica and Troy’s gripping story concludes with the third book of the HIDDEN SECRETS TRILOGY as passion and danger collide ...

After everything she’s been through over the past ten years, Jess should be focusing on her healing. She should be figuring out where her future will take her. And she should be finding herself after her abusive husband ripped away her identity.

Too bad someone else has different plans.

After a national newspaper article reveals to everyone in Maple Ridge about her past and her shame, Jess’s life and plans are put in jeopardy. Prejudices in the town run strong against her—prejudices because of where she spent the last five years.

But it’s not only her life that is at risk. Everything that matters to Troy, the man she’s falling in love with, will be ruined…unless she finds a way to stop it all from crumbling before it’s too late.

Stop it before the truth destroys Jess and all that she loves…

The dual timeline story is the final novel in Hidden Secrets trilogy. The books in the trilogy must be read in order. All other books in the Carson Brother series are standalone.

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Meet Stina Lindenblatt

Born in Brighton England, USA Today bestselling author Stina Lindenblatt has lived in a number of countries, including England, the U.S., Finland, and Canada. This would explain her mixed up accent. She has a kinesiology degree and a MSc in sports biological sciences. In addition to writing fiction, she loves photography, and currently lives in Calgary, Canada, with her husband, three kids, and their adorable rescue cat.

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