The best thing about discovering a new to me author is getting to binge their back catalogue, the worst thing is when you inhale them and then have to wait while they are writing their current series. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier to have stumbled across Bella Matthews but waiting for each of these books to be released is a terrible torture. Especially since I get so caught up on the characters and their families and extended family and I can’t find anything else to read while I’m waiting because I don’t want to read anything other than the book I’m waiting for.


Anyway, the moment finally arrived and I got my grabby hands on it. And I got lost in the banter and the family connections and then I was falling for Ares. I couldn’t put this book down. Everything about the way Ares and Grace came together and then grew this beautiful relationship was so easy to just get wrapped up in.


But honestly, Ares was everything. He gave such awesome swoon. Watching him win over Grace and then show up at every opportunity and not just fight for them but to force Grace to look at what she wanted and fight for it herself was beautifully orchestrated. I needed Grace to pull her head out a little sooner, but I also completely understood where she was coming from.  This was one book where I was so absorbed in reading it play out I couldn’t even take a minute to try to guess what was going to happen next.


I knew there were things that were going to need to be sorted out but I also had complete faith that everything was going to work out perfectly. Everything about the book was like a warm bath on a cold day and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.



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