Some days I feel like my brain hates me. Aside from having the worst memory, I also have this issue where I have an aversion to picking up certain books. Not for any reason. And then I remember how much I love the authors writing and how excited I was when I first saw the release info. Only to start reading it and not being able to put it down. 


Avery and Knox were fire from their first interaction, and I feel like I fell right along with them. Then as I got a little further in the book, I had to go check out Goodreads because I knew all these side characters, but I didn't think this was part of a series. Just to put together that Knox is Hendrick’s brother from a previous unrelated book and yes, I am already madly in love with most of these side characters and I remembered Knox and how amazing he is.


Avery, I loved from the first page of this book. Knox couldn't open his mouth without putting his foot in it. Luckily, the chip on his shoulder started to crumble and we got to see the real man under the ego, and he was perfect. The relationship was so natural and progressed perfectly. I couldn't get enough of them and I'm even more excited to see that the other brothers are going to be getting their own stories soon.



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