Alright I always feel guilty writing a review for a series I love when it's been a minute between books. My goldfish memory is strong, and I barely remember anything from the previous books. I know that I loved them, which is no surprise since I'm a fan of the authors writing. But I can't really remember the previous couples or their stories or where the current couple fits in the friend group and I want to remember it all so badly. It's like this weird little Deja vu tickle in the back of my mind as certain people or things click.


So I basically read this as a standalone and man did it work perfectly. I was so completely absorbed by Britt and waiting for her past to dumpster fire all over her present. Wanting her to come clean and be all in with Colby and yet not knowing how that would play out. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if this was the moment he would figure it out or if something would happen to bring it all out into the light.


And who would have guessed that Colby would give such awesome book boyfriend vibes? I love watching a reformed player become boyfriend goals, but I didn't expect Colby to be quite so domestic or so quickly committed. I thought he would fight it harder, or I don't even know, just not be so completely gung ho about the whole thing.


I had so many moments where I thought ok this is what's going to happen next. And I would flip the page and watch something else play out. Until the end when it was like watching it play out on the big screen and I felt a little anticlimactic. Then it twisted and turned a little and then we got the adorable epilogue, and I am sad to put it down. I will say that I didn't feel like we got any closure on Bebe and her whole family, but I am happy with how it went so I can forgive that.




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