Oh My Fucking god, I am speechless. This book has literally run me through the full range of emotions. And left me with a serious heart on.

There I was for the first 40% with a big smile on my face and the occasional giggle madly crushing on Soraya and having dirty thoughts about the sexy as sin stuck up suit when I just knew the sky was about to fall in and there were about to be some major plot twists. So as my stomach turned itself into knots I promptly did what any self-respecting adult would do I put the book down and went off to brace myself and clear my day so I could sit down and read the rest in one sitting.

Sounds like a solid plan right? Yup. Except Vi & Penelope are evil. And when I sat down all braced and ready to go I was blindsided. My bracing was for nothing. The twists went in the opposite direction and were not at all in the ways I thought I saw coming and they just kept right on twisting.

Soraya was amazing, from the first page she was so full of personality and attitude and everything I love in a heroine. Graham was a slower burn but as he was revealed I am pretty sure I felt my ovaries explode a few times and the secondary characters you just have to read the story and meet them yourselves because they seriously rocked.

And they had a walk on appearance of the sexy Chance which felt like an inside joke with my bestie to read. Serious sigh moment. 

So despite all the tension I seriously would not have gotten off the train if I could have.  I was completely hooked and I loved every single word of it. I just needed to see what was going to happen in the next sentence and the next page and the next chapter and damn I wish I could wipe the story from my brain so I could read it all over again. Cause the smiles and sighs absolutely outweighed the negative and then they added in a load of awesome sex scenes and I am in love. And I can’t wait for you to read about Soraya and Graham and hear how much you love them too.


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