Love, Love, Love friends to lover’s stories like Big Rock. But I seriously don’t think I have read one better than this. And even better was having the whole thing told from the male P.O.V.

And Spencer’s point of view was utter fucking perfection. The man was cocky, self-assured, egotistical and arrogant but oh my god was he sweet. And his family was equally as amazing.

As normally happens from a single point of view I don’t think I got to know Charlotte as well but I still loved her hard. She didn’t have a single flaw and maybe that was due to seeing her through the rose coloured glasses Spencer viewed her through. But you know what? That just makes me love him even harder.

And the secondary characters were so beautifully presented; I am dying to get more Nick in the next book.

But mainly I just love the way the story was told. There was no drama, no before they were together interactions we had to witness, just the story of them and it was perfect and funny and witty and entertaining as hell. It  also had me putting the book down a few times and dragging the hubby off for some alone time.

So if you are looking for the perfect angst free book to spend a few hours with this is it.

Just Perfect!!!!!!!


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