After reading the blurb for this book I was absolutely dying to get my hands on it. I am a total sucker for surrogate dads and I was so hooked on Brady. I think I was already a little in love with him before I even started reading. And let’s face it that cover didn’t hurt one bit either.

Kat was such a complete sweetheart, that as I read I fell for her almost as much. I loved how much she cared about everyone around her and despite the tragic circumstances that brought about their meeting she just pulled up her big girl panties and set about trying to keep everything running.

She was so fierce and kept it all together, including mothering the misfit of animals her beloved friend had adopted. I admit to a huge girl crush over her love for the crazy racoon and abandoned kittens. But damn Kat was awesome.

As with the Dearest series Lex has this amazing ability to drag me into the story and make me feel like I am living it with them as I laugh at their antics and ugly cry at their losses. And this book had me gripped tight until the very end. The depth of grief and guilt from these two that Lex’s amazing writing made me feel was as though I was mourning MY friend.

And I loved that Lex threw me a little curve ball at the end by showing my dumb ass the connection to Finding Dandelion which has made me want to go re read that to see if Brady was lurking there and I somehow over looked him.

So hurry and one click this now cause it was awesome and if you haven’t already checked out the Dearest series grab them while you’re at it.


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