Alexa Riley is a cross between one of those guilty pleasures you don’t want anyone to know about and the best thing since sliced bread you want to scream about from the rooftops. And her Breeding series just keeps getting better and better.

Sadly I forgot rule number one for reading these books – no panties in my excitement of Thief turning up on my kindle and I am now sitting in soaked panties dying for my husband to finish work. I also (obviously) ignored the follow up rule of read these at home in a private room.

But enough of my whining and a little info about our sexy thief. Damn Sean was all that and then a heap more and naturally I spent the whole book picturing the perfection that is Levi Stocke. So he is at the top of the dirty fantasy list right now.

As with all things Alexa writes Sean was growly, possessive, protective and he knew what he wanted and went balls to the wall to get it. And Tessa, his little Fox was sweet and pure but with enough backbone to keep her interesting.

I absolutely love this series and now I need to race off and stalk Alexa to see what other men she has to make me melt.

So hurry up and one click this now and go lock yourself in a quiet room with no panties.



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