Helena Hunting is the absolute best at writing stories that have her readers going from piss your pants laughing to clit twitching sexiness in a single sentence and since the first page of Pucked this series has been a one click, drop everything and lock myself away with my newest book boyfriend.

And Pucked Over was another perfect installation in this perfect series.

I loved the brief introduction of them in Pucked Up and I knew I was going to love Lily. But I wasn’t so sure how Helena was going to make this couple work. Not that I doubted her ability for a second just that I went into the book not bothering to read the blurb and I couldn’t see how these two unique characters could make it work and be as awesome as Sunny and Buck or Violet and Alex.

But of course Randy balls did not disappoint and from the moment he slammed down his spoon with a “The fuck you say to her?”  I was sold. And so I now have another one of Helena’s men to add to my book boyfriend list.

If you haven’t started this series yet you have to one click them right now. I mean where else can you find so much entertainment?





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