Much Ado About Bachelors

Windy City Bachelors 
 by Caitlyn Blue 
Publication Date: May 25, 2017 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance 


Drama teacher Sarah Callahan has been falling for Harrison Academy’s hot, new chemistry teacher since the first day of school. Unfortunately, this sexy nerd has a policy against dating coworkers after his relationship with a teacher at his former school crashed and burned. So what do you do when you’re hot for teacher? Pretend to be drunk so he’ll take advantage of you of course.

Reed Barron has done a great job resisting the beautiful, quirky Sarah. Then comes the night she parties a little too hard and begs him to kiss her. How’s a guy supposed to hold out against…begging? Chemistry like theirs doesn’t happen every day, but Reed isn’t going to give their romance a chance. He’s learned that when things get too intense, it’s safer to retreat.

Armed with Shakespearean quotes and a Goldendoodle puppy, Sarah is determined to teach Reed how to open his heart. But when he’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime to teach abroad, it looks like she might lose him—and their shot at love—forever.



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As I refocus on her, I realize her attention is locked on my mouth. Reminding myself that I’m not here to take advantage of her drunken state doesn’t stop me from gliding my fingertips over her delicate collarbone. The thought of my cousin being here instead of me fills me with the craving to brand her with my lips and hands.
Our lips are millimeters apart when she speaks again.
“Help me.” Her voice is a soft whisper. She traces her palm down the front of my shirt. “Take off my dress…please.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
I tell myself that this isn’t a plea for sex, and I should bundle her into bed, fully clothed. But the way her breath breaks on the last word makes me want to ignore my good intentions.
“I want to kiss you so badly,” she murmurs near my ear.
It’s the feather-soft touch that snaps my final restraint. “I want that, too.”
I cup her face with my hands and she pushes up onto her toes until our noses bump. I shift my head to a better angle and dust a kiss over her lips. From somewhere deep inside comes a hungry moan. I go back for a second taste, lingering this time. Her mouth is sweet and welcoming. Her fingers tunnel into my hair, and her back arches, driving her body against mine. One kiss becomes two. My heart pounds in irregular rhythm, quickening as my blood heats. I’m still cupping her face, but I’m as turned on as if she’d grabbed ahold of my dick and wrapped her lips around it.
To say I’ve never thought about fucking Sarah before tonight would be a lie. She has a quirky girl-next-door vibe that appeals to me, and I’ve spent nearly the entire school year resisting exactly what I’m doing right now. Somehow, I knew she’d turn my world upside down—and, worse, that I’d like it. But I didn’t expect the way my chest would ache as she burrowed inside it.
It’s a toss-up, who deepens the kiss first. It seems as if we both just go for it, tongues tangling, teeth nipping. Lust dampens my conscience. I want more of her. All of her.
And then, as if she’s reading my mind, she pleads, “More.” She sounds so damned desperate, and her fingers bite into my shoulders as I kiss the spot where her shoulder meets her neck.
I start to unfasten the buttons holding her halter-top in place before I remember there’s no returning to normal if we do this. Cursing, I take a step back. My lungs constrict. I’m consumed by longing, but for now my determination is stronger. If her dress goes, so will my resolve.
“Reed.” She gazes at me from beneath her lashes. Her look is both bold and vulnerable, and I feel as if she’s granting me an incredible gift.
“We can’t,” I say, even as every nerve in my body screams for me to keep going.
“We can. I want this.” Her voice is breathy and insistent. “I need you. Please.”

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