OMG this was one seriously hot book. The chemistry was awesome and the sex scenes were just perfect. Not that Sawyer doesn’t normally nail it but I actually had to fan myself a few times while reading this and since privacy was so minimal I actually had a few moments where I did the look around because I was sure everyone in 100 metres had to know what I was reading.

I went into the book expecting not to like Valentine very much. I mean she is a spoilt, rich, socialite who is going to Alaska to run a social experiment on the men there. I figured she would be shallow and uncaring. Luckily for me I was way off and I loved her. She was quirky and despite being a lot of the above she was sweet and caring and I found myself actually rooting for her to get her happily ever after.

 Logan I loved about 80% of the time. He had the whole possessive, dirty talking thing and I really loved how he was with Valentine but when things didn’t go his way he acted like a dick and I just wanted to smack him. I mean seriously dude twice you flew off the handle without getting any information then sulked like a two year old. Not attractive. But then he would make amends and be so sweet and awesome I would get over it all pretty quick.

The secondary characters were great and I can’t wait to see where this series is going to go.


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