This is a case of best laid plans exploding in my face yet again. So I read the blurb for Spinning Out then had to have it so I one clicked it and read it obsessively and freaking loved it. Went straight out and one clicked Rushing In as soon as I put it down then didn’t have time to read it and it slowly dropped further and further down my TBR mountain. But when I saw the fourth one was coming soon I immediately signed up for an ARC thinking I had plenty of time to read the next two as well as the fact I was dying to read them. Then naturally fate laughed so hard I think she peed a little and suddenly I have 3 days to read the book and I haven’t read the other ones.

Luckily for me this series is everything I love in a new adult series and this book gripped me so hard I soon forgot I had missed the middle two and became obsessed with the characters in it. There was so much happening that I was too scared to put the book down in case I missed something. And since it was told in dual POV and we got a few flashes back to their relationship 5 years ago I found the miscommunications and misunderstandings were completely understandable and they made this book that much more addictive.

Keegan was adorable as a single dad and I loved that he was such a devoted father but he wasn’t over the top with it. There were a few times he annoyed me with his baby’s mother but in complete honesty that’s more my unrealistic expectations than anything he did or didn’t do so I got over it pretty quickly. Although I was really hoping she might get hit by a bus while crossing the street (spoiler alert: she doesn't).

Emma was sweet and I immediately loved her. She had so much baggage but she never used it as an excuse to act like an idiot.  And even with everything going on with Keegan that she wasn’t aware of she didn’t run and hide, she just stood up and dealt with it. I was so glad to see her step up and act like an adult.

But now I am even more determined than ever to try and read Rushing In and catch up with the rest of the Blackhawk Boys. If you haven’t read them yet then don’t panic this was a solid stand alone but I would seriously advise you grab them all. 


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