Sexy Stranger was absolutely what I needed. It was so addictive and from the first page I literally couldn’t put it down. Kendall Ryan is one of those authors who has snuck onto my must buy list without me even being able to tell you when or why it happened. But every single book of hers I have read has been a hit.

Luke was almost perfect. He did the alpha growly, possessive thing that just makes me all squirmy but he did have a few moments where he kind of dropped the ball on that but he sorted his shit pretty quickly and I went straight back to wanting one of my own.
 I wasn’t sure I would connect with Charlotte as I was expecting her to be stuck up and painful but she turned out to be so sweet and open. She did make a few stupid mistakes of her own but once she pulled her head out of her arse she really went after what she wanted and proved to be anything but the spoiled little rich girl.

And of course we can’t forget the amazing secondary characters. One of whom was the identical twin of the very sexy Luke so hopefully he will get his own book soon. And the epilogue was just so cute, I can’t wait to see what is coming next from the talented Kendall Ryan.


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