Every single new release of Aurora Rose Reynolds feels like I have waited years for it. She just couldn’t physically write fast enough for me, I am so obsessed with her writing, it is like she has her own personal map to all of my likes.

Every single one of her men are amazing and of course Sage was no different. Add to that the fact she writes these amazing, strong, intelligent, independent woman who you can’t help but love. Then she wraps them up in a story I can’t put down, written to perfection and I am happy. Sleep deprived but happy.

Sage was a little different for me. He actually annoyed me a few times with his act first think later behaviour, but in true Mayson man style he sucked it up and apologised and made amends so I forgave him pretty quickly. Kim was beautiful and I instantly loved her. Sure she made her own set of mistakes but she owned them and I completely understood where she was coming from.

As always the secondary characters were great and catching up with the Mayson clan can only ever be awesome. The only real negative is I now want to go back and re-read them all from the start but maybe I will have time for that next century. 

If you aren’t already a badge carrying member of Auroras fan club I seriously recommend you go back to the beginning and read Until November but if you’re a little time poor you can read this as a stand alone. If you are already a fan then you probably have this pre ordered and are just reading this to pass the time till it arrives. Either way dive in and enjoy.


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