Holy feels Batman. 

Sure, I knew this would be an emotional read and it's pretty much a given that I was going to cry reading this, but oh my god it shattered me in all the best ways. From the first page I was so hooked, I couldn’t read it fast enough.

I instantly fell in love with Ryan he was everything I love in a new adult hero. And the more I got to know him the deeper I fell. And even though we didn't get in his head Tijan did such an amazing job of getting his side across that I really didn't need it.

Mackenzie was so relate-able, even with everything she was going through, that I will never be able to go through, I completely got her. And I loved that she never acted like a victim despite having every excuse to.

I absolutely didn't see the twist at the end coming but damn did that finish the book to perfection and make me think about the whole story in a whole new light and want to read it all over again to see how having that one new puzzle piece would change my feelings on the book.

Tijan is definitely now an author I have to read after reading two of her stand-alones, I just need to gather the balls to commit to reading some of her series.


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