So I think this is one of those times I need to confess that I only preordered this book so I could get Boy In Luv. And I have zero regrets. I read Crew's book and it really felt like it was more an intro to Loveless and the Lawton family. And I went in to Justified with pretty high expectations. 

Honestly I think I read it wanting or expecting the story to play out a certain way and I was so far off the mark. And although I was a little disappointed I did enjoy the book I just would have loved it more if I hadn't gone in expecting something else. 

I think I would have liked Aspen better if she didn't come across as so desperate for Case's love. I know she crushed on him forever but he was with his ex for most of that time and she was married to someone else. So I felt like she didn't move on from being the smitten teenager.

Case was a different story. He disliked her for the things he believed she had done but he didn't hold onto it once he saw it for what it really was. He could have been a little more alpha for my liking but overall he was a pretty good character. 

That all said I am dying for Kody's book. The two guys who have been hinted at in this book both sound like my kinda book crush and I can't wait to see where Jay is going with this one. Either way I am going in with my mind empty and a lot of anticipation. 


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