Aurora Rose Reynolds is one of those authors you can never go wrong with. Since the first book of hers I have picked up she has been an automatic one click. And her until series is just perfect.

I love going into these books knowing I am going to get an over the top alpha, a take no shit woman, a few episodes of drama, some hot AF chemistry and a swoon worthy happily ever after. And with all of the until series we are going to get a few drop ins from some of the other masons.

I love that December was not your typical Mayson. She was quiet and reserved and a bit of a book nerd. But she still had the backbone and family values that I expect from an ARR character. 

Gareth started out a little shaky and I was a bit worried he wasn't up to the normal standard of alpha. But once I got to know him more I understood his reservations. And he was such a great dad, I warmed up to him pretty quickly. 

So of course I loved it. And naturally I read it in one sitting since I couldn't put it down. And if you're a ARR virgin this can be read as a standalone but I highly suggest that you clear your month and go back and read Until November. If you're already a fan you're probably just reading reviews while you wait for the pre-order to land. Don't worry you wont be disappointed.


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