This book was exactly what I didn't know I needed. So this has been a super stressful, bad week and I picked this up thinking it would be funny along the lines of the pucked series. And when I first started it and realised it was a little more serious and emotional I was a little disappointed. 

Then once I stopped worrying about what it wasn't like I was so involved. I adored Cosy. She was such a great character. I really loved everything about her, she was just so much her own person I felt like I could reach out and hug her.

Griffin was awesome too. He was so upfront with his feelings and what he wanted. I loved that he didn't play games or try to play it cool. Maybe he didn't communicate some things very openly but it wasn't done to hide things it was purely to prevent Cosy from freaking out and I liked that he was worried about her. And as soon as it came out he apologised and explained.

So even though I didn't get what I wanted I absolutely got what I needed and I ended up loving every word. And now I am even more excited that netgalley has granted me Handle With Care so I will be trying to find a quiet corner to read in.


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