I feel like this book took me on a serious journey. Not just to Alaska and New Jersey but also through the full range of emotions. I felt all the feels and then I felt them all over again. And every time I thought I saw what was coming I just ended up speechless from the next emotion. Katy Regnery really does know how to write a unique story with all the feels, so I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting them. I guess because the other Odds Are Good books have been a little lighter and just easy reads, I expected this one to follow on that suit.


Tessa and Tony were both such strong willed and strong-minded characters and their initial clash was awesome. And from that second, I was hooked. Tessa thought she had Tony pegged and was determined to put him in his place. And man was she feisty. Everything about her character just resonated with me. She was such a great mother, and I loved her relationship with Gia. Gia was pretty perfectly written for a four-year-old. And considering I live with 2 of them I could completely see her shining through on the page.


Tony initially came across as this chauvinistic, materialistic jerk and I was worried I was going to hate him for the entirety of the book. Thankfully he grew up quickly once he opened his eyes and took assessment of himself and the world around him. And once he did, I loved him so hard. I loved that he was so open in his affections with both Tessa and Gia. And underneath that initial layer was an amazing man with a soft heart and a strong protective streak, and he was everything that Gia and Tessa needed.


I seriously loved the whole book. Hopefully we are getting more in this series, sooner than later.



An Odds-Are-Good Standalone Romance

Book #1: Single In Sitka


Book #2: Nome-O Seeks Juliet


Book #3: A Fairbanks Affair


Book #4: My Valdez Valentine





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