I really should have paid better attention to the GoodReads blurb for this. Because oh man I was so not ready for all the feels. And I do mean ALL the feels. Which is kind of stupid of me since I know how perfectly Katy always mixes the perfect blend of emotions, heat and storyline. But I really didn't expect to be ugly crying while reading it.

Now before I go any further, yes I cried like a teenage girl, however this book wasn't sad and depressing. There was a little angst and I was so immersed in the story I am pretty sure I was holding my breath for half of the story. It was bearable angst but I was dying to see how Cody and Juliet were going to get around it.

I adored Juliet so much. She was just perfect and so strong yet so caring and compassionate. And I loved Cody just as much. His story was heartbreaking and yeah he did hide away from the world but I really couldn't blame him. And although he wasn't confident he wasn't wallowing in self pity.

They were such a great couple and the relationship between them felt like it progressed really organically. The whole book was just real and beautiful and even though I know absolutely nothing about dog sled racing I feel like I lived it right along with them.

And having read the teaser for A Fairbanks Affair I can't wait to get my hands on it.


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