I have been reading the Bailey family series from the start and I think the best thing the lovely ladies have done is not give too much away about the other siblings. Each book is focused on the sibling it involves and although the other siblings are there and you get a good feel for them you don't KNOW them. 

So all I knew about Denver was the obvious and the fact he was a bit of a self centered man whore. And although I didn't love him, I didn't know him well enough not to like him. And I knew even less about Cleo as we really only saw her the one time before this.

And reading the story and getting to know them both I fell in love with them. They were both a little bit broken by their pasts and a little hesitant about relationships. But they were both really likeable characters and they didn't act like dicks.

The whole relationship was great to watch unfold. The background characters we already love (if you have read this as a series, if not why not?) It's always fun to catch up with G'ma Dori and Buzz Wheel and the rest of the town. And although I am not a Phoenix fan I can't wait for the next one.


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