So I had this idea that Nathan's book was going to be heartbreaking. After the bits and pieces I had picked up from him as a secondary character I knew that he had issues at home and was absolutely the least fortunate of the white house boys. And I guess I made assumptions. And I was pretty much wrong on most of them. 

The things I learnt about Nathan in this book made me hurt for him but not in a sad, broken way. Because Nathan was so much more than I thought. He was so sweet and all the stupid things he did were done innocently for the right reason. And I was such a massive fan of his throughout the whole book.

And Chloe was pretty great herself. Her story hit pretty close to some recent news headlines and I have to admit it made me think about the other sides of the story. Chloe acted exactly like I imagine most young women in her position would but with a lot less wallowing in self pity. 

I adored these two together. And I really loved seeing it all work out so perfectly in the epilogue. And as always it was great to catch up with the other couples. I really hope that this series never ends.


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