This series just continues to get better and better with every book. I picked up the first one on a whim, then HAD to read the second one and I begged to get my hands on the third. Honestly there's so much to love. 

First there's the coven, then there's all the hot AF athletes, the awesome banter, the hilarious text conversations. And that's before you mention the sizzling hot chemistry and even hotter sex scenes. 

The insta lust between Vince and Holly was so strong yet I felt every second of it. Vince turned into the perfect, growly, possessive alpha but having been well trained by the covenettes he managed to be all soft and sensitive at the same time. 

So not only do we have the super sweet relationship between Vince and Holly but we also got a huge heaping of the entire coven crew. And now I am off to stalk Alley to see what couple we are getting next and how long we have to wait.


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