So other than a few novellas I haven't read any books by Ella Fox, but when I got an email saying she was the newest author of Boom Publishing I was all in. I am slightly obsessed with Aurora Rose Reynolds writing and if she's putting her stamp of alpha approval on this it's a no brainer. 

And I'm really happy I jumped in. It was very similar to everything I love about Aurora Rose Reynolds books. It had the overly protective "babe" growling alpha. It had the law enforcement hero. The danger and drama that makes the story interesting. And a heroine who isn't a doormat.

Ashley and Tyler were great together from the first meeting. And I really loved the secondary characters and the small town setting. The story kept my interest and the chemistry was great. Tyler had the dirty talking down to an art form. And he delivered everything he promised. 

I can't wait to see where this series is going after such a solid introduction. 


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