So I admit it took me forever to finally read Boy In Luv but I have very good reasons. First freaking hell ladies how long did you make us wait? I inhaled Girl In Luv as soon as I put down (and recovered from) The Last Letter and I loved it so much I promptly pre ordered Justified and went on the list to get my free copy of Boy In Luv. Then I waited and waited and waited, and when it finally landed I couldn’t really remember much of the story and knew I would have to do a re-read but life got in the way and it slowly dropped down the pages on my kindle until I kinda forgot about it.

Then I was doing the release blitz for the duet and decided I would do a re-read and finally get the conclusion to the story. And as always I have to ask why the hell did I wait? Well you know other than the earlier excuses.

So we ended Girl In Luv heartbroken that Iker has walked away and left Langley devastated. And I wasn’t sure how the ladies were going to pick it up from there. They both came from such totally different worlds and were headed in vastly different directions but damn the chemistry between them was so hot. And they just complimented each other so perfectly I needed them to get a happy ever after. 

I also kind of needed Camilla to get a really nasty STI from her husband and the wicked stepmother to get hit by a bad batch of botox but I don’t always get what I want. So vengance aside I really wanted to see how these two were going to find their way back to each other and mesh their lives to give me my much needed happily ever after. And to be honest with these authors I wasn’t 100% sure I wouldn't end up without a happy ever after cause lets be honest these ladies can be mean.

I loved the addition of Iker’s brother, he was awesome and I would love him to get his own book please?!?! But mostly I just loved Iker for going after what he wanted and being man enough to admit his mistakes and work his butt off to fix them. I loved that he was prepared to put his pride on the line to make sure Langley got what she needed. These guys were such a beautiful couple and I loved everything about them and their story. Fingers crossed for future collaborations between Rebecca and Jay.


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