I admit it I may have let out a little squeal of excitement when I got an email from Aurora Rose Reynolds offering me an ARC of her surprise release. And that just ratcheted right up there when I realised it was a novella co-written with Rochelle Paige. These two women are the Queens of hot insta loving alphas so I pretty much knew exactly what I was going to be getting before I even opened my kindle.

Add in the fact it was set in The Underground Kings World and was Justin's story I also went in expecting a fair bit of action and suspense and I was one happy little girl.

First up I have to say this takes insta to a whole other level. And I know some people aren’t fans but hey it works for me. Justin saw Aubrey through his window and felt an instant attraction. Throw in the fact she is very heavily pregnant and his over protective alpha instincts went into overdrive.

I loved that from their first meeting he was so sweet and sensitive and happy for everything to go at Aubrey’s pace. And despite everything she had gone through to make her flee her pregnant self far from home she didn’t play victim or games. 

Sadly this was the last of the series but hopefully we will see more collaborations between these two beautiful authors in the future.


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