I have had this book on my kindle for ages but I just couldn't bring myself to read it. The reviews I read and the authors warning had me well aware I was going to cry like a baby while I read it. Penny's writing is amazing so I knew I would love it but the origin story of Billy and Scarlet had to hurt.

Even though I waited until I was emotionally ready I couldn't have prepared myself. Especially since it is set when they are all still young and their mother is still alive. And even though through each of their stories I knew their part of why they were how they were living it in the moment was so much more emotional. 

And I really didn't think about the life Scarlet had lived. But reading this book I broke for her, for Billy, for Cletus, for Jethro, for Bethany. Even while I was reading it laughing at the one liners Cletus threw out there. Or smiling at the absolute beauty of Scarlet inside and out. I was holding my breath waiting for the next punishment or twist in their story. 

Those hits just kept coming. And each one felt harder and more devastating than the last. The only thing I am truly grateful for is the fact I have Beard Necessities ready to dive into because I have to know what happened next and get the happily ever after they both so desperately deserve.


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