This is one of those times I'm actually glad I'm an idiot. I read the blurb for this book for super excited and didn't realise it was part of a series. And I am glad I didn't or I would have waited to read them first and never gotten to this one.

Daisy was so much more than the shallow, air headed socialite I expected. And West was well West was an insanely hot, possessive, growly, sweet ex marine holding a baby. And he was just so amazing I loved him from the start.

The whole book was so much more than I expected while still being laugh out loud funny. I really couldn't put it down, between the 3 legged alligator, the swearing parrot and the penis artwork there was a great story full of emotions and chemistry and just all around awesomeness. 

I loved that every single thing was tied up so perfectly. And I am really looking forward to binge reading the rest of the vagillionaires stories and spending more time in Bluewater.


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