Alright I admit it, I read this because it's another Boom Factory Publishing book. What I failed to realise when I signed up for it was that it isn't a theme I normally like. Second chance romance isn't my thing, but since this had the amnesia twist I overlooked that. However when I went to pick it up I expected it to be sad and emotional and I was a little reluctant to dive in.

But since it was a beautiful, hot day and the kids were all chilling in the pool I really didn't have any excuses. And then I couldn't put it down. It wasn't at all sad and emotional and with a solid mix of intrigue along with a hot AF alpha and a heroine who wasn't a drama queen I loved it.

The story was great, really unique without any unnecessary drama. Both characters were awesome. Graham was the perfect caring, doting, protective husband and I loved how respectful he was of the fact that she was his whole world and yet he was a stranger to her. I can't imagine how hard that would be. But while reading this I appreciated how well the author wrote his character. 

Henley woke up not remembering her life and again I can't and don't want to imagine how you would deal with that. But damn she did it well. She navigated not knowing Graham but knowing what she felt without drama but also with a lot of sympathy for the fact she wasn't the only one dealing with this nightmare.

I really loved the characters, the secondary characters, the story and although this is the first book I have read from this author it won't be the last.


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