I am finding it really hard to try and put my thoughts into order about how I feel about this book. I think I liked it. And I didn't put it down once I started it.

I liked Meg. She was comfortable in her own skin even though she wasn't quite sure where her life was heading. She never doubted her own worth or act like a doormat and I really respected that she embraced her faults as much as her strengths.

But Mac was a whole other issue. And while I could understand that what he went through was a major betrayal 10 years is way too long to let it dictate your whole life. I really liked the first introduction between him and Meg. But from there he just went downhill fast. And I didn't get nearly enough grovel.

So I guess it's probably a 4 star read since I enjoyed the story and I liked Meg. And really I should take my own advice and get over my issues with Mac. 


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