I am loving this series so much. Each book is so different from the last, yet they are all such great, sweet reads. I love the whole premise of each couple meeting through classified ads in a paper. But I really liked the idea of this one the most.

Faye had such an interesting, although slightly sad story and I enjoyed what a unique character she was. I could really relate to her as a person. She was struggling with the life she was dealt without being upset about it other than the distance it has caused between her and her sister.

Travis had every right to be bitter about life. And I completely understood why he placed the ad in the first place. And honestly I loved that despite everything he was still such a genuine, nice person. Watching him open up and fall for Faye was beautiful. 

These two completely complimented each other and I loved their initial meeting and reactions to each other. The book was such a perfect read for a lazy Sunday and I can't wait for the next edition of the odds are good.


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