Well now I have inhaled this series without pause, which would be great if it wasn't days to Christmas and my to do list wasn't longer than Santa's naughty list. All of which has been ignored and neglected while I binge read these.

Anyway this one wasn't my favourite but I still loved it. Zack was a new character to the group and he was a lot less alpha than the other guys. But then I think that was probably for the best. He suited Denise and they worked perfectly together.

Zack had so much going on with his sick son and awful ex-wife. He really needed the caring, compassionate Denise on his side to help him through it all. And having Jack be as much a part of the story as Zack and Denise was awesome. He had moments where he broke my heart, as a parent, I can't imagine how you could go through that.

I really did enjoy the book. I loved that the whole crew was there, yet they were secondary characters. And I would have been so sad to see this series end except I just read the beginning of This is Crazy and I can't wait to go read Zara's story because there's no way that won't be entertaining. 


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