I always say this but these books are like a cuddle up sweater on a cold day. And every story feels more like catching up with old friends as opposed to a new story except that I get so much more of each of their individual stories. 

Remi was someone I didn't think I would ever be able to relate to. Not that she was a diva, just that her life was a whole other world to mine. And I can honestly say, fame is something I would never want. But Remi was such a sweetheart and was so normal I forgot she was America's Sweetheart. Despite the stalker.

Mason I really don't remember from any previous books but with my goldfish memory that doesn't mean much. From the beginning I loved him. He was so caring and protective of Remi without being overbearing or condescending. He just quietly made sure she was safe and cared for and it was impossible not to fall for him.

Together their chemistry was all kinds of hot but they were also just so beautiful. And I absolutely adored the story going on outside of their relationship. The whole book was just so much of what I love about these series.


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