I really wasn't expecting to get so emotional reading Jason's book. I seriously remember him as the goof of the group. Sure he was sensitive and very comfortable in his own skin and wasn't afraid to show Knox his love. But he was always messing around and having a laugh and I really expected just to giggle my way through his story. And I am going to take inspiration from Jason and say I cried like a teenage girl reading that.

Dottie was such a strong independent woman. She knew what she wanted professionally and she worked damn hard to make it happen so it was hard to picture her not getting stabby at Jason's laid back, easy going, jokester self.

But they complemented each other so beautifully. And obviously having the same friend group helped. Jason with his bubble butt and abs to die for had me more than understanding her crush on him. And the whole dirty talking, alpha side that came out just added even more to his appeal. Because seriously he was the best all round book boyfriend of the whole crew.

And even though I did cry like a baby I still had loads of laughs. And the story kept me well entertained. I really just loved the whole thing. And I am seriously praying that Natalie and Walker are going to get a book because those 2 characters so deserve a HEA. Please Meghan.


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