It's moments like these I really appreciate KU. As soon as I put down Ridges book I automatically jumped on over and grabbed Wes's story. And even though I had a fairly good idea of what I was getting into I enjoyed the writing and the story. 

I already knew Wes was the sensitive one of the brothers and I knew what Trixie had done to him. But I was really keen to see how they were going to get over all that. And to see what they were going to be dealing with when it came to the frat.

I really enjoyed the story and I liked that there was a fair bit of depth in them getting together. And I'm glad we got heaps of Ridge and Karrie and the brothers relationship getting even stronger. And I am excited to read Emma and Brody's book and hopefully get a HEA for Pappi.

But since that's forever away I guess I will go stalk the sisters books.


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