Another happy trip back to Happy Cat to visit my beautiful O'Dell family and this one was Christmas themed. Squeal. Really words can't describe how much this all just worked for me.

The super sexy Clint with all his meme's made me laugh out loud. Especially when it's the town's retirement village leading the charge on the meme making. Those old ladies are such great value. I love their dirty little filterless minds and I so can't wait to be  them when I grow up.

Clint was everything I expected a bad ass marine to be and so much sweeter. And he was  perfect for Noelle. And I really enjoyed them together.

I honestly was completely convinced for the whole story that I knew exactly what was going on with the bakery that I seriously didn't see the actual storyline coming. And I can't complain because what I got worked so well for everyone.

I hope that this isn't the end of my Happy Cat series now that all of the O'Dell boys are married off because I can't get enough of the town and the crazy animals they have all accepted or adopted. Or the fact that if the place was real I would have my things and hubby packed faster than you could say Chuck Norris who?

But for now I have to go to sleep because it is so late but I couldn't put the book down before I finished it even if my eyes are trying to fall out of my head.



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