I literally couldn't put it down and I am already obsessing over the next book after reading 1 page of it. While my head is still full of all things Max and Allison. Seriously Natasha Madison is my newest addiction, which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a million things to do and an inability to tear myself away from her words.

So we ended the last book with Matthew and Karrie hearing the shocking news that Max and Allison had eloped. And I was pretty sure that Max had intentionally set up Matthew for a rape charge in the previous book. And was just generally an all around acehole. Obviously we knew Aly well from the last two books and we all wanted her to get her Prince. Which lets be honest none of us thought could be Max.

But colour me surprised and tickled pink that everything wasn't as it appeared with Max. Because the way he loved Allison was everything. From the beginning of this book I loved him for her. He was …… gah I can’t even find the right words. They just worked and I loved every word.

This series has me so addicted and I really am going to jump right into the next one. 


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