If you've been reading this series in order then you know you're going to need a box of tissues and if possible a big glass of wine. If you are reading this as a standalone, well be prepared for the ugly crying while reading it. 

I saved reading this for a day I could lock myself away in my bedroom and I still wasn't prepared. I am not going to give you any spoilers but I am going to try explain the feels.

So there were two twists in this book. And honestly the first one was obvious AF and I knew where it was going from the first chapter. I was sure I wasn't going to like this book. The second one I didn't see coming. But the way they intertwined was more than I was ready for. 

I honestly thought, when the first twist was revealed, that there was going to be a lot of drama and heartache. I know I couldn't have coped with anywhere near the grace that the h does and it made the book. 

These guys have been through the wringer. And they have all tackled it together but this time I felt it was more about them all since they were all somewhat affected by the twist in this one. 

Now don't get me wrong, there was heartache and I cried and cried while reading this.  Sometimes with a smile on my face and a few times with sobs. But there was no drama and that just made the feels that much stronger.

I have to say I am scared to see what is going to happen in Kent's book. But I can't wait to catch up with the crew and see the next generation grow and expand. Now I just need to figure out what winter 2020 means to the author cause this Aussie is hoping that's before our winter in June.


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