This book was sent as a freebie from another author and it sounded like the perfect story for my mood. I have heard great things about the author but this is the first one of her books I've read and I am a fan.

I adore the whole growling, possessive alpha hero and Cooper was all that and a little more. From the start he told Parker what he wanted and never let her doubt it. I loved how he reacted to her having kids but I was even happier with how he treated them and loved them.

Parker had me from the first page. She was so grown up and mature. And the way she handled everything her ex-husband put her through was pure class. Her attitude towards Cooper and all his macho bossyness was great value. And once she committed to it she had no doubts. 

The background characters were really likable and the kids were perfect for their ages. Now I am off to find out what's next from this author.


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